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Custom ADA Compliant Signage

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  • Wording with Grade II Braille
  • Laser engraving
  • Multi-media design
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Custom ADA Compliant Signage

We design and manufacture custom ADA-compliant Braille signs, office signs, and building wayfinding signs with the latest laser engraving and sign routing technology. We can produce individual signs or complete wayfinding solutions for schools, corporate office parks, hotels, parks, nursing homes, hospitals, commercial developments, and venues.

Our environmental graphic design team will match your brand’s look through careful consideration of your branding guidelines, fonts, and colors, to produce attractive architectural signage that complies with ADA Standards.

Contact us to schedule an on-site survey and consultation to determine the optimal solution for your project. Our expert team is also available to manage and execute the installation.

ADA Signage examples and machine
ADA Signage
Restroom sign multi sex bathroom Wayfinding Signage
Men's Room Sign
Waypoint interior wayfinding signage
merrill place evacuation map interior wayfinding signage
Altitudes Girls Restroom ADA Sign

What Makes a Sign
ADA Compliant?

Font Choice

The font must be readable from a distance and have no strange or unrecognizable characters. It must also be in all uppercase except for visual only signs, such as directories, directional signs, or overhead signs. Some fonts that meet the guidelines are, Helvetica, Futura, Eras, Trebuchet, Verdana, Vag Rounded, and Franklin Gothic. You are not limited to these fonts, however, most sans-serif fonts will do as long as they comply with the guidelines set forth by the ADA. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how to choose fonts to match your brand for ADA signage.

Color & Contrast

The color should “pop” and be easily readable from a distance. A dark background and white lettering would be ideal in most situations.


Certain signs must have braille on them to be considered ADA compliant. We have the ability to add customized braille to any sign to make it compliant. Some signs that do not require braille are building addresses, directories, parking signs, and temporary signs.

ADA Signage Installation Services

The American Disabilities Act sets forth guidelines for how a sign must be installed to be considered ADA compliant. Let’s look at just a few of those guidelines that Spectrum Signs & Graphics is adept in.

Mounting Height and Location

The baseline of the tactile copy (upper case text) can be mounted between 48″ at the lowest point and 60″ at the highest. This allows ADA signs to be mounted on the same visual plane regardless of size.

The sign should always be mounted on the latch side of the door. Signs may be mounted on the nearest adjacent wall in certain situations where the is no room to mount the sign regularly. Tactile signs may be mounted on the inactive leaf of double doors, on the right side of double doors where they both function, and may be mounted directly on the push side of doors that close automatically and do not use hold-open devices.

These are just some of the most basic guidelines. If you would like to learn more about ADA signage, please see the full guidelines created by the Department of Justice or give us a call to discuss how we can make custom ADA signage that fits your brand aesthetic.
(sign guidelines start at page 186 by document and 190 as read by your PDF viewer)

ADA Signage Installation Visual Helper


ADA Restroom Signs
Mens Restroom ADA signs
ADA Room Signs
Room ADA Sign
ADA Exit Signs
Emergency Exit Only ADA Sign
Braille Strips & Tactile Lettering
Braille Strips and Tactile Lettering ADA Sign

(adheres to existing sign)

ADA Wood Signs
Conference Room ADA Room Sign with Braille
ADA Handicapped Accessible Signs
ADA Handicapped Accessible sign with braille
ADA Signs for Schools
ADA Signs for schools Faculty 500
ADA Signs for Businesses
ADA Signs for Businesses Lunch Room with braille
Wayfinding ADA Signs
ADA Wayfinding Signs Stairway with braille
ADA Office Signs
ADA Office Signs Meeting Room with braille
ADA Directories
ADA Directory Sign no braille needed
Custom Shaped ADA Signs
Custom Shaped ADA signs with braille
Custom Braille Signs
Custom ADA Signs with Braille
Evacutation Diagram Signs
Evacuation Diagram ADA Signs with braille
Clear ADA Signs for Color Match
Clear ADA Signs for color matching with braille
Color Printed ADA Signs
Photo background ADA signage with braille


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