Cedardale Health + Fitness: Interior and Exterior Commercial Signage

Spectrum Signs was involved with creating a myriad of signage for the new Cedardale Health + Fitness club in Haverhill, MA. The signage we created include interior and exterior wall graphics, pylon signs, interior custom-cut signage, and interior ADA signage.

Exterior Commercial Signage

Monument Signage

Pylon signage exterior commercial signage

The monument sign was designed, fabricated and installed by our team. It included brand new power supplies and white LED’s to illuminate the logo and wayfinding information, it also included 6, single-sided Lexan faces that are interchangeable.

Having your wayfinding signage start before your customer even gets into your facility is important to the customer experience. Always have clearly marked entrances, exits, and important locations marked for your new customers so they can quickly navigate and avoid confusion on your property. The easier it is for your customers to find you and your main offices the more likely it is they will leave wanting to come back.

Pylon signage exterior commercial signage

Wall Graphics

This 3M vinyl wall graphic was installed directly onto the side of the building. No job is too big (literally) for us at Spectrum Signs. From large commercial buildings to RVs and busses we can wrap it all.

This wall graphic was installed by one of our in-house 3M certified installers. This wall graphic came with a 3 year warranty and can stand up to the tough New England elements for over 15 years. Our UV and LED cured vinyl’s are a cost effective option for installing building identification on any business.

ADA / Parking Lot Signage

The parking signs were fabricated using Dibond. The direct print Dibond faces were installed on DOT approve breakaway post. Then, anchors were installed into pre-existing asphalt and mounted to post the anchors. After, the hole made by the anchoring process was patched.

Dibond is the industry’s leading aluminum composite material and has been for more than 15 years.

Interior Commercial Signage

3M Vinyl Wall Graphics and Painting

These interior wall graphics were applied using 3M vinyl by our Spectrum Signs 3M certified installers. The painting was made possible by using a stencil made out of styrene.

This 3M vinyl wall graphic was installed by the Spectrum Signs team. 3M vinyl wall graphics can be applied to virtually any texture or material.

The painting was made possible by using one of our custom styrene templates. A number of painters have used these styrene templates for stairwell signage and oversized graphics like this.

Dimensional Lettering

These pin mounted letters were fabricated out of Chem metal and installed on quick snaps. This finish allows the lettering and logo to “float” off the face of the wall. The ADA signage on the lower left was fabricated out of acrylic and PVC using our epilogue laser, we provided over 80 room identification signs for this project and we were able to keep every sign in-house allowing us to produce these signs in under 10 business days.

The letters were cut using and then installed on quick snaps. Quick snaps are used by attached pegs to the signage, drilling a hole into the wall where the quick snaps are attached on each letter is, installing the receiving piece into the wall, and then simply pushing snaps on the letter into the receiving snaps on the wall.

Brushed Aluminum Lettering

The brushed aluminum signs were also made from Chem metal and was flush mounted to the wall.

Besides just using Chem metal pieces, which are dimensional on their own, flush mounting adds another layer of dimension which is inherently more interesting to the viewer of the signage.

Wayfinding and ADA Signage

This directory wayfinding sign was made out of acrylic and then installed using ½” stainless steel stand offs. Acrylic sign was back printed with a frosted graphic and the faces were directly printed. Wayfinding signs are important for new members to quickly get an idea of their surrounding and cuts down on confusion.

The ADA signage you see around the facility all include Braille (where applicable). The signs are made out of acrylic PVC. We provided custom color matching to the client as well so we had brand consistency throughout the entire building.

Just like the rest of the ADA signage, having the ability to brand them is important. Working with a printer who understands the ADA and the guidelines therein is a must before embarking on a project involving ADA signage.

The men’s pool letters are made of brushed aluminum and it is accompanied by ADA signage to let members with disabilities understand where they are in the space around them. All of the ADA signage is accompanied by Braille (where applicable).

No matter what your challenge is Spectrum Signs can rise to it. With years of expertise and the right equipment, we get the job done right every time. Contact us today to get started on personalizing and improving all of your commercial signage inside and out.

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