Electronic Message Center Signs

Looking for an EMC sign for your building or facility?  Spectrum Signs can help you source, design, and install your Electronic Message Center signage. Our experts will meet with you on-site for a consultation and will provide specifications and a quote for free.

Whether you want to display graphics, text, or even video, electronic message center (EMC) signs can help you attract customers’ attention around the clock.

A variety of industries use this outdoor LED signage solution because it gives you the ability to target your audience with multiple high-impact messages compared with a standard sign solution.

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Cirrus LED Solutions

More pixels means more variety. Don’t restrict your message to a limited color palette. Cirrus LEDs offers important tools to deliver impactful messaging.

Cirrus 4’x8′ 9mm LED displays have 3-5x more pixels (32,768) than traditional 16mm (9,216) and 20mm (6,272) displays. Display your images and videos with 298 trillion colors and 60 FPS video to highlight today’s rich content.

Easily expand and upgrade with lighter, modular panels as your business needs change. Panels are dustproof and waterproof to ease your mind knowing that your display can withstand all of the toughest elements.

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Cross Insurance LED modular panels being placed
Cross Insurance LED modular panels full wall
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Electronic Message Signs - T-Mobile Message Sign

EMC Solutions

Electric Messaging Centers utilize computer-generated messages, media players or some other electronic means of changing copy. EMC are also commonly referred to as EMU (Electronic Messaging Unites) and fall under the category of changeable message signs. Spectrum Signs will assist you in finding the right EMC for your site within your budget. Please contact us for more information.

Benefits of Electronic Message Centers

Connect with the community

Stay in touch with your existing base and inform new potential customers about your services with full-color animated ads, while simultaneously sharing the needs of community partners.

Can be paid for by your vendors

Every year in the US over $50 billion is used for ad subsidies and an estimated $12.8 billion goes unused. Depending on the placement of your LED signage you may be able to sell space for advertising to other businesses or community members.

Grab the attention of the masses

Creating an eye-catching visual is more likely to attract attention over static signage. When you attract more attention the likelihood of getting more foot traffic into your business increases.

Allow you to own the media channel

Traditional, static signage has its merits, however, when you own an LED sign you gain the ability to create your own content for that channel that changes over time.

Have a long track record of getting attention

The signage industry has come a long way from the first EMCs installed in the 1950s which would primarily display time and temperature. With full-color LED signs of today you can attract more customers, draw attention to your brand, and offer an ongoing call to action.

Promote loss leaders

Promoting loss leaders is important for most retail businesses. Lead your customers in with a sale and then get them to stay longer and make bigger purchases. Loss leading is not new, however, Electronic Message Centers with full-color graphics is arguably a much stronger form of it.


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