Epilepsy Foundation Indoor Logo Sign


The Epilepsy Foundation logo presented a unique challenge as there are two layers to the graphic. We had originally thought of pin mounting the logo and the letters with spacers and having the back ribbon of the logo stand-off slightly lower than the face layer. The problem that arose with this direction, is that the logo would look disjointed when viewing it from the side.

We solved this problem by creating backers out of acrylic that had curves to bring the corners of the face layer down and back layer up to meet the face layer corners creating a rounded effect with the sign. This process took quite a bit of trial and error as we had to get the degree of the curve just right so that when the printed logo was adhered to it, there wasn’t any lifting at the edges.

Production Equipment

  • Vutek GS3250
  • Esko Router Cutter
  • Summa Contour ProCut Vinyl Cutter
  • Seal Laminator

Overcoming Project Challenges


Because the top pieces are back printed, the adhesive had to adhere to the layer of ink instead of directly to the acrylic, the pull of the angle of the curve caused the adhesive to pull the ink off the back of the panel and lifted the edges. To rectify the problem, we adjusted the curve slightly so that it did not put so much pressure on the edges of the face.

Installation Details

Most of the legwork happened during production, however, another unique attribute of the logo is that no part of it is straight, making it difficult to level. To solve this problem, paper templates were created marking all the drill holes for mounting with a level line to set the sign correctly.

Completed Sign Installed

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