Get Started Early with Holiday Signage

Wow Your Customers with Custom Retail Holiday Signage

With the start of the holiday season upon us, it’s time to start thinking about your Christmas signage and promotional POS campaigns!

Signs Are The First Thing Holiday Shoppers Notice

When you’re out shopping during the holidays, what’s the first thing you notice? The holiday signs! More people look at signs during the holiday season than any other time of the year. Holiday signage can:

  • Be warm and inviting; extending customers time in your store!
  • Make the shopping experience easier for your customers by directing them where to go.

Keep Customers Attention with Visually Striking Displays

From store hours to decorative signage, to pricing and everything in-between, it’s really important to create a visually striking display in order to capture your customers’ attention and make a seamless experience.

Get Your Holiday Signage Ready Early

Ordering your holiday signage now will help you beat the Christmas rush and allow you to be creative or try some unconventional ideas. Don’t wait to the last minute! Installing your signage early will allow you to gain excitement and anticipation by advertising in advance. Promote new holiday products, Christmas sale items, and create a seasonal ambience with custom holiday decoration. The following Christmas sign tips will help you prepare for your best holiday season yet.

  • Catch Their Eye!
    If you have window space, take advantage of it. Not everyone does, so you’ll be sure to stand out; whether it’s graphic decals made from vinyl or a holiday display.
  • Get Emotional!
    Customers love to reminisce about family traditions. Use images or phrases that will help spark these positive emotions. Additionally, emotions have been shown to help drive sales.
  • Brand Yourself!
    Continue the use of your brand by using consistent colors and fonts. Customers will remember your brand, even after the holidays have ended.
  • Give Direction!
    Have a great deal on an item? Let people know where to find it. Using vinyl floor decals is a terrific way to use previously unused space; as if to say, “This way to bargains!”
  • Go 3-Dimensional!
    Use custom cut-out signage to add dimension to your business and signage as a whole. It’s different, eye-catching, and will be sure to turn your customers’ heads.

Plan your custom holiday sign project today!

This year, holiday sales could reach as much as $720.89 billion.* Don’t let ordinary signage cost you potential profit this year; Spectrum Signs can help. Get started today!

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