New Laser Machine at Spectrum Signs!

Spectrum Signs is pleased to announce the newest addition to our production floor, the Epilog Fusion M2 40 with 120 Watt Laser Engraver. Our new laser machine is efficient, safe to use, cleaner, and provides us the ability to create signs more quickly and with a variety of different materials.

Features Include

  • Engraves the smallest detail at a high rate of speed
  • Interlocked cabinets for extra safety
  • Can be used with a variety of materials
  • Ability to cleanly cut through most soft materials
  • Run multiple jobs at the same time

Applications Available

What else can you do with an Epilog Laser?
There are plenty more applications the Epilog Fusion M2 40 120 Watt Laser can handle.
Check out the following video to learn more about the machine and its applications.

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