Playa Bowls Vehicle Wrap Project

Project Details

Update trailer with company branding

Job Type: Full Trailer Wrap
Client: Playa Bowls
Location: Manchester, NH
Project Manager: Daniel Valencia

Designer: Daniel Valencia
Production: Jake Bouchard
Installer: Jacob Hooper
Material(s): 3M-180

Trailer Before Wrap Installation

With provided brand elements such as logos and drawings, our client, Play Bowls in Manchester, NH wanted to achieve an outstanding, fresh and clean look that will project and reflect the brand concept of Playa Bowls.

Trailer After Wrap Installation

By using elements such as Palm Tree leaves and bright colors, we were able to make design concept on which we will able to make an outstanding food trailer wrap design that is considered a moving billboard. We’ve exclusively use 3M substrates to obtain the best results. Our 3M certified installer made the final touch by performing a clean full trailer wrap installation.

This was wrapped by exclusively using 3M materials and completed by our 3M certified installer.

Playa Bowl Vinyl Trailer Wrap

Benefits of wrapping your trailer

  • Trailer marketing reaches 85% of people at all levels of income.
  • A trailer wrap can create 20,000 – 70,000 impressions per day.
  • Trailer wraps expose your business to commuters on the highways, city streets, sidewalks, and also when the it’s parked.
  • More than 70% of people who commute said they have read graphics which are applied to food trailers and other vehicles.
  • A trailer wrap protects the trailer’s original paint.
  • Great ROI for your marketing dollars.

Looking for a trailer wrap for your trailer?

Whether you’re looking to wrap a car, an entire business fleet, or just need new spot graphics applied, Spectrum Signs can help you! Give us a call or contact us and we can provide a free estimate.

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