Reign Car Wash: Interior and Exterior Commercial Signage

Spectrum Signs was hired to create a full suite of branded signage and graphics for the Reign Car Wash in Cranston, RI. The branded signage and graphics we created include interior/exterior wall graphics and exterior ADA signage.

Exterior Commercial Signage

Exterior Signage

ADA / Parking Lot Signage

The parking signs were fabricated using .060 alumninum. The direct print aluminum faces were installed 2 3/8” Steel posts. We used a 3” core drill to penetrate the asphalt and create minimal damage to the parking lot. We then drove the poles into the ground with a pneumatic powered post drive and filled the seam with cold patch.

Interior Commercial Signage

Unique Features & Applications

Attention to Detail!

Lots of unmovable wall fixtures? No problem! Spectrum Signs expertly works around cable conduit, light and safety fixtures, outlets and more.

In addition to wall mountings, Spectrum Signs works around creases, corners, bumps and textures to provide a perfect application of your vinyl wrap design.

No matter what your challenge is Spectrum Signs can rise to it. With years of expertise and the right equipment, we get the job done right every time. Contact us today to get started on personalizing and improving all of your commercial signage inside and out.

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