Attractive Architectural Signs

Custom Architectural Signage Solutions

Spectrum Signs’s team is available to design and create a comprehensive custom architectural sign solution for your corporate facility, retail establishment, campus, or venue.

We provide project management, graphic and environmental design services, sign development and manufacturing, wide-format printing, integrated multimedia solutions, and 3M certified professional installation.

Our start to finish approach ensures that your architectural sign program will meet all of your required specifications as we apply ADA compliance and our own quality standards to each step of the process.

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Custom 3D Architectural Wayfinding Signage Lettering On Building Entrance

Architectural Sign & Graphic Types

Exterior Wayfinding Signs

  • Campus Signage
  • Exterior Directories
  • Identification, Directional, Informational, Regulatory Signs
  • Temporary Event Signage

Electronic Messaging

  • Digital Messaging Sign Boards
  • LED Display Sign Stands
  • Integrated Digital Sign Solutions

Interior Wayfinding Signs

  • Custom ADA Compliant Signage
  • Directories
  • Evacuation Maps
  • Identification, Directional, Informational, Regulatory Signs
  • Temporary Event Signage

Interior Branding Signs & Graphics

  • Reception Logos
  • Custom Wayfinding Signs
  • Wall Graphics and Surface Murals
  • Company History Timelines
  • Decorative Graphics

Pylon & Monument Signs

  • Illuminated Back-Lit Sign Boxes
  • Granite Monument Signs
  • Standard Channel Letter Signs
  • Reverse Channel Letter Signs

Interior Decorative Signs

  • Posters & Large Format Printing
  • Acrylic Signage
  • Wall and Surface Murals

What goes into fabricating Architectural Sign Systems?

DESIGN Our knowledgeable, experienced, and talented designers can create visually attractive signs that serve the specific purpose necessary while following brand standards and building aesthetics.

QUALITY Our team at Spectrum Signs only uses the best materials available so that your signs look amazing and are constructed with longevity in mind.

CODE COMPLIANCE We’ll ensure that all of your signs are ADA compliant if necessary and follow any specifications for visually impaired or physically disabled patrons or employees.

What is Architectural Signage?

Architectural Signage is a term used to refer to a custom sign, or sign system, that assists in identification and/or wayfinding within a specific building, facility or campus. Architectural Signage includes monument signs, channel letters, directional signs, ADA room signs, and any graphic elements which help to guide and inform visitors within a specific site.

In today’s sign community, broadly speaking the phrase ‘architectural signage’ is used to define any sign associated with a structural element.  Although a single sign can be referred to as an architectural sign, it’s typically reserved for a group of signs that carry the same aesthetic to deliver a branded look, consistent building and room identification at a campus or facility, or to create a consistent theme at a retail store, venue, trade show, or event.

Typically architectural in nature, wayfinding signage is necessary for navigating a building and it’s important for every sign to work together under a unified design language which includes materials, colors, typography, and branding.

So architectural signage is the art of combining all of these elements into a visually stimulating presentation that represents the brand or business while complimenting the environomental décor of the building or site. Sometimes it’s an attractive and vital feature that draws people to a location, other times it’s designed to sit within the space without distracting the subject from the main focus of the space.

Why are Architectural Signs Important?

Great branding and marketing isn’t always about media, printing, and digital advertising.  It’s also about the impression your building, facility, campus or venue is presented to the public or the people who visit.  The moment visitors arrive at your door, they form an impression based on your exterior signage and how easily it is for them to find where to go or discover attractions.

If they can’t find their destination, or are unimpressed with how your site looks, they may get frustrated and leave.  Old and poorly maintained signage, maps, and ADA directional signs all have an immediate impact on how people associate the professionalism, personality, and values of your business.

Don’t miss an opportunity to impress your visitors.  If you are looking to contract with a professional architectural signage contractor, then contact us for more information on how we can design and execute an signage package for you.  Contact Us >


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