Project Management

Spectrum Signs’s project management will ensure you experience a streamlined process from initial consultation to installation. We will manage each project diligently until the last letter is dropped and final bolt is tightened.

  • Plan

    First, we conduct a thorough site analysis to determine physical placement of your project.

  • Concept

    We come up with an initial concept that best suits your project.

  • Design

    Next, we create the design that will be used for your project based on the concept.

  • Production

    Then, we produce the graphics that will be used for your finished product.

  • Installation

    Once the graphics have been produced, they are installed to complete your project.

Site Survey - Project Management

Site Survey

Preparation is the foundation for any successful sign and graphic project. Spectrum Signs does thorough site analysis to determine physical placement of your sign or signs. Surveys include photographs of the area, verifying key measurements, electrical access points if necessary, Dig Safe, and footer locations. Once the site survey is complete, we prepare drawings and present initial proposals.

Shop & Permit Drawings

Our knowledgeable sign experts will create shop drawings for contractors and clients. We can also create permit-ready drawings for municipal officials to review, in the case you need to apply for a sign permit.

Shop Drawings - Project Management


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