3M Certified Graphics Installation Company

What are the Benefits of being 3M Certified?

3M Certified Graphics Installation Company

Spectrum Signs & Graphics is a 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company. That means we are recognized by 3M and UASG for our installation skills and knowledge and for our sound business practices and accountability to the code of conduct below. We are certified for fleet wraps, vehicle wraps, window graphics, and even boat wrap installations.  Contact us to get your project started!

Code of Conduct points:

  1. We operate our business with honesty and fairness. This pertains to employees, customers, and other members.
  2. We do not back-solicit other member’s customers.
  3. We strive to achieve and maintain the highest level of professionalism and application standards.
  4. We promote a friendly and harmonious atmosphere at all association functions and meetings.
  5. We do not degrade, criticize or harm another member’s person or reputation.
  6. We strive to protect the welfare and reputation of other members and the UASG.
  7. We warn and protect other members and the association when issues arise that could cause financial hardship.
  8. We do not solicit potential employees by initiating contact with UASG member employees concerning potential employment opportunities with their own company.
  9. We do not use confidential and proprietary UASG member company information for personal gain without prior consent.
  10. In regard to sub-contracted labor, we only represent work as being a certified graphics installation when performed by an employee of a UASG Certified company.

Accreditation requirements:

  • We carry liability insurance verified by the UASG once a year.
  • As certified installers, we are listed on the 3M website.
  • We meet certain business requirements and ensure employees follow proper company policies and 3M installation procedures.
  • We passed a rigorous hands-on and written test that includes graphics applied to surfaces such as floors, walls, textured walls, trailer, and vans/autos.
  • We are backed by a 3M warranty.

Cover the Inside of Your Business
With an Interior Wall Installation!

From vehicle wraps and banners to custom sign and graphic installations, our 3M Certified Graphics Installation team will expertly apply your project with the skill and quality you expect.


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