3M Preferred Graphics Installer

What Are The Benefits Of Being 3M Preferred?

3M Preferred Graphics Installer

Picking the right company to work with is easy when you know what to look for. At Spectrum Signs & Graphics we have 3M Preferred Graphic Installers certified by 3M. We are recognized by 3M for our installation skills and knowledge. We have the technical knowledge backed up by a national company to give you peace of mind. We can install your vehicle wraps, signs, banners, window and wall graphics, and anything else you can think of.

Accreditation requirements:

  • Carry’s liability insurance (verified by 3M once per year with current employer).
  • Passes a rigorous hands-on and written test at the 3M Company, St Paul, MN test facility or one of several 3M Authorized test facilities. The test includes graphics applied to surfaces such as floors, walls, textured walls, trailers and vans/autos.

Cover the Outside of Your Business
With an Exterior Wall Installation!

From vehicle wraps and banners to custom window and wall graphics, our 3M Certified Graphics Installation team will expertly apply your project with the skill and quality you expect.


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