Sign Restoration Project

Project Details

Restore existing outhang sign

Spectrum Signs and Graphics was contacted to restore the existing sign for a local law firm. The sign needed to be retouched in various ways. Although this sign was not originally constructed or created by Spectrum Signs and Graphics, we were still able to fix it and give it a new refreshed look that will last years.

Job Type: Sign Restoration
Sign Type: Exterior Outhang Sign
Client: Cronin Bisson & Zalinsky – Attorneys in Law
Location: Manchester, NH
Project Manager: Daniel Valencia

Designer: Daniel Valencia
Production: Jake Bouchard, Bob Goodreau, Jacob Hooper
Installer: Bob Goodreau
Material(s): Various (3M-180 Vinyl) – PVC Molding – Lighter Universal Straight Arm Bracket

Sign Before Restoration

The client’s goal was to make their existing sign more visible and attractive. Our process included maintaining and refurbishing the current structure while also providing new faces for the upper and lower panels on the sign.

We first redesigned their current logo graphics and proposed an idea which included illumination.

Once this was approved, we moved forward with the production and installation process. This included printing the faces on 3M-180 Vinyl which was used to wrap the top and bottom panels.

We removed the panels prior to wrapping them.

We also repaired the bottom trim. This was a wooden trim that needed a major replacement due to rot over the years. We replaced the old trim with a 2″ PVC trim. PVC will last much longer. It won’t rot and always looks great.

Sign After Restoration

Once this was completed, we reinstalled the sign as well as the illuminated bracket onto the granite post.

The electrical work was completed by a licensed electrician.

Looking to restore a sign of your own?

Whether you’re looking to update and existing sign, start a sign restoration project, or just need part of a sign refurbished, Spectrum Signs can help you! Give us a call or contact us and we can provide a free estimate.

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