Covid-19 Signage For Business

Social Distancing Signs

Keeping your employees and customers safe during the Coronavirus Pandemic is the top priority — and we have the critical sign solutions to help you with communication as you get back to business. Spectrum has a number of floor graphics and clings that you can display around your store to help remind everyone who enters about the importance of maintaining a safe distance for maximum safety. We can also customize these sign types to match your brand standards.

Register Floor Graphic

High Traffic Floor Adhesives

Spectrum offers a variety of floor graphics. They are reposition-able and durable, allowing you to easily place them in high traffic areas. Place these clings guiding customers to your registers to remind them to practice social distancing.

Counter Card Social Distancing Signage

Counter Cards

Remind your customers that keeping both customers and your staff healthy by practicing a safe distance benefits everyone.

Door Decals Box

Door Decals

Assure your customers that your stores are safe to shop in, and that strong protocols have been set in place to ensure safety.

Protective Checkout Screens

Some aspects of operating a business make the six-foot social distancing buffer space hard to comply with. In those instances, protective checkout screens keep businesses operational while providing protection and piece-of-mind to both employees and customers. These checkout screens can also be customized with text or graphics and are made out of 1/4″ thick acrylic.

Small Floor Standing Checkout Screen

Small Floor Standing

  • 28″W x 80″H Aluminum Frame
  • 24.5″W x 46″H Clear Screen

Large Floor Standing Checkout Screen

Large Floor Standing

  • 40″W x 80″H Aluminum Frame
  • 36.5″W x 46″H Clear Screen

Counter Top Checkout Screen

Counter Top

  • 24″W x 36″H Clear Screen
  • 11” Deep Base

We also can provide display posters promoting hand-washing and other guidelines that may be necessary. There is an average turn time of 5-7 business days and we have a strategic alliance with FedEx Freight to transport these products efficiently across the nation.

Coronavirus Sign Solutions and Resources

Getting your workplace prepared for dealing with Covid-19 can be a challenge.  And we’re here to help you make the transition easier.  Wondering what other businesses are doing?  Here’s a template and some resources for reopening your small business.

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