Surge Textured Sign Installation

Printing Textures

Color Matching

A series of colors were printed on quarter-inch digital ready acrylic used for the sign to match the colors to the Surge brand. We do this to make sure that colors are accurate from monitor to the actual, printed acrylic. After the colors were matched we were able to start cutting the letters out of the quarter inch digital ready acrylic and start printing the UV cured ink layer for the wood texture.


  • Vutek GS3250
  • Esko Router Cutter

Gloss Layers

The lettering was cut on our Esko Router Cutter and hand laid into position. The wood texture was printed on after sizing the letters. Our Vutek GS3250 UV printer allows us to add texture to certain prints and sign products by printing multiple layers of UV-cured ink, which has a satin/matte finish. This UV cured ink can be used to create raised effects like you see on sign backing behind the lettering on the sign. The wood texture you see is the ink printed as multiple passes over itself after the ink has a chance to cure with the UV light. This type of application process is great for adding subtle dimension to any sign project which helps make signs more interesting for your customers

Completed Sign Installed

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